Night Music

Nature is loud tonight.

Cicadas and crickets playing their tunes.

Tree frogs and stray cats singing along.

Owl hoots and bat wings setting the beat.

Thunder rolling in the background like

The rattle of speakers too small for the music.

My pup’s nails click as she trots down the road,

Her occasional pause to sniff and snuffle

Like jazz scatting.

The hard road is just a few yards away,

But i can barely hear the cars over the din

Of the gloaming.

The scent of the mimosa trees is so strong and heady,

It becomes an opera of its own.

The feeling of the damp and warm air –

The cork in my sound booth.

My own, personal concert.

Just me and The Goddess.

Gaia is drowning out my thoughts,

My worries.

She, the Mother of all Mothers, is enveloping me.

I drown in Her embrace

And am grateful.


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