Putting on Glinda

Be gone!

Be gone, i say!

You have no power here!

you do, but i wish you didn’t

How dare you.

How dare you behave as if you are entitled to all this.

and why do i keep letting you live here rent free?

All this before me is the Queendom i have made.

No leg up.

i forget that i have power of my own

Those who live in the castle are my choosing,

and they have earned their way in.

but i have made far too many exceptions

I care not about the rules of your own kingdom.

These are my rules here.

My laws.

laws of kindness

Be gone you,

The purveyor of my own personal hell

Who leaves the black tar of despair in your wake.

Be gone and leave me.

Come back! Come back!

The pain and sorrow are too much to bear.

The boiling bile beneath the surface waits like lava

in a fissure

beneath a freshly and frequently paved road.

over and over again

I raise my scepter and pound the ground.

Be gone!

Be gone, i say!

Take your oily hot anger and pour it elsewhere.

let my insides stop burning

Be gone!

Be gone, i say!

You have no power here!

but my voice breaks as i say it,

because i know it isn’t true


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