Fighting the urge to settle

To fall back

To bring it back to life-

Ill-fitting and stained-

From the back of your brain.

It had its time and

Its time is gone.

Don’t bring it back.

It isn’t a comfort object.

He isn’t a comfort object.

Don’t give in

To loneliness and the waves of

Sadness that pour over you

And drown you

Filling your lungs and making it impossible to breathe.

It’s a trick that your mind plays

On your soul.

It’s all in your head.

All in your head.

Don’t let it touch your heart and become real.

Step away from the phone.

Step away from the keyboard.

Step away from the memories.

And wait.

Don’t give in.

Don’t settle.

You won’t drown.

You will remember how to breathe underwater.

Just like you did

The last time you gave in and found

Once again

That something isn’t always better than


2 thoughts on “1+0>1+1

  1. A really great piece of work. Peaceof8 is spot on “raw aching & truthful”.

    ~ Thanks! It makes me happy that people understand.


  2. I really really love this. Raw and aching and truthful. I felt the pain of how hard the self control of protecting yourself is. 💛

    ~ Thank you so much! It is always my hope that I can write it raw and transparent enough that everyone who has felt it will know they are not alone. 💚


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