Travelogue~ Wisconsin Edition

The new job means some traveling for work. And tho the travel isn’t to anyplace exotic, i love the chance to explore anyplace new. Each trip brings new insights and knowledge. I relish getting to suck it all in. I had never been to Wisconsin before this, so seeing a little bit around the Madison area, or just eating my way around the Madison area, has been fun.

What i found in Wisconsin:

~ The sunrise. Like a juicy blood orange rising like a phoenix over the snow covered fields. Powerful. Bursting with fire and life. It exudes energy like nothing i’ve ever seen before.

~ Hospitality. The people are truly friendly. Like Frances McDormand in Fargo but with only a hint of the accent. Every out-of-towner is treated like a cousin you haven’t seen in ages. They make you feel like you’re coming home, even if you’ve never been here before.

~ Space. The “city” areas are rather tightly knitted together. Town squares and business areas, mostly old-timey and adorable, are compacted into as few city blocks as possible. And once you escape them…. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. The vastness of the fields and prairies, well, i started to type that they take your breath away, but in reality, they do the opposite. They give you breath. They fill your lungs fully with the scents of hay and cow and the crisp minerality of lake water. I don’t think my body has ever been so pleasantly full of Oxygen.

~ And speaking of breathing, i have had absolutely NO allergies since i’ve been here. Anyone from Chattanooga will tell you that waking without a snot-filled schnoz is unheard of. I honestly don’t remember the last time i could breathe immediately upon waking. It’s a nice feeling.

~ Cheese curds and beer. I can’t say that i am at risk of becoming addicted, but it is part of the Wisconsin mythos (Or kitsch, depending on who you ask), so i gave it a shot. I wouldn’t feel like i had truly been here if i hadn’t done so.


Why i am glad to be heading home to Chattanooga

~ I miss my weedlings. Of course. They are my “home”.

~ I miss my Siridog. I have gotten used to sleeping with her at the small of my back. She gives me a reason and motivation to get off my duff and walk. And she is the best anti-depressant i have ever tried.

~ I miss the culture. Chattanooga has a green, foodie, happy vibe that is a near perfect blend of city and country. It is easy to get caught up in it, which is a good thing. Its unique energy keeps me moving.

~ I miss my zip. For me, travel always includes decadent eating. While i enjoy the food experiences, after more than a couple days of it, i feel bloated and sluggish. My vanity bristles at the way my clothes start to stain at the seams. And my vigor  goes down the drain.

~ I miss my own space. As always note in my travelogues, the one good thing about the end of a trip is the reunion with your own bed, shower, relaxing spots, and rituals of home. Being away helps me appreciate them more.


Soon i will be back home and soaking in its comfort. If i am lucky, by the time my appreciation wears thin, it will be time for another trip. That is the goal: To keep a balance between hither and yon. Too much home, and i get complacent. Too much Wisconsin, and you might as well tape a bushel of cheese curds to my backside. So here’s hoping that i can walk the line between, and enjoy the stroll

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