We Pass

Maybe all of life is

A Rorschach test.

Each event left

To the interpretation of its viewer.

Each meeting’s minutes

Inscribed differently to each participant.

The dimensions of life,

Either feast or famine,

Bane or blessing,

Ink blot or art,

To whoever’s eyes are are watching.

And so it is with humanity.

I am a human ink blot.

So are you.

And any of us can look at the other and see a totally different picture based on our past,

Our present,

Our own insecurities.

I see you

As a beautiful paisley,

Swirling into a complex and

Colorful universe.

Patterns repeating

And not.

Art from chaos.

You see you as an ink blot.

And tho i know we are both right,

I am righter.

In this,

I am righter.

I promise,

I am righter.


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